More Than Closures

Corporate Social Responsibility allows PHOENIX to engage in conversations that go beyond closures and focus more on our commitment to ethical and sustainability culture and our responsibility as a leading manufacturer of plastic closures.

Exploring PCR/PIR resins and other alternatives to virgin polyolefins

Of course PHOENIX innovates and works to sell closures to customers that need them. However, we do so ethically and responsibly by going above and beyond in our research of sustainable alternatives to typical plastic production, understanding the larger effect of both the benefits and pitfalls of plastic production and thinking out-of-the-box to optimize our products and create unique solutions for our customers and the ultimate end user.

Pursuing source reductions, lightweighting, and increasing pack count

Centering our focus on “responsibility” and where PHOENIX can positively impact climate change, we have focused on light weighting as many of our products as possible. By reducing the amount of resin used to create a closure and creating a lighter closure, not only do we create less consumer waste, we also can transport product to our customers using less fuel and in some cases, even redesign the closure to stack and allow for larger pack counts and decreasing the number of trucks required to transport closures to our customers. For an in-depth look at the light-weighting of our 53mm closure, read our light-weighting case study.

Innovating and modernizing product and process technology

Modernizing goes beyond the closure itself and impacts the machines and technology that PHOENIX uses to produce closures every day. We are consistently looking to increase the number of cavity in each mold, allowing us to produce more caps per cycle. Even small improvements on the way caps exit a mold will work toward improving cycle times that will use less energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

Remaining a relevant leader in packaging design and production

PHOENIX has been innovating since 1890 and hasn’t stopped for more than a century and have kept the integrity and forward-thinking leadership that still makes PHOENIX an impactful manufacturer of closures today.


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PHOENIX has been a leader in packaging for over 130 years