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EcoStack® Stacked Continuous Thread CLosures

The Smart Choice

PHOENIX EcoStack® nested plastic caps are more ecological and economical than conventional closures. They increase your pack count up to 87%, reducing shipping costs and warehouse space.

Focused on Sustainability

Maximized pack counts mean more efficient shipping and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Minimized resin reduces plastic waste without compromising the cap’s integrity.

Match Your Brand

Stand out on the shelf with customized packaging including multiple finishes, printing and embossing, and endless color options.

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How Do Your Closures Stack Up?

Made in the USA, PHOENIX offers shorter lead times, consistent quality, and stocking programs to help prevent any supply chain concerns.


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The Choice is Yours

EcoStack styles are available in glossy smooth or ribbed finishes with a variety of liner options. Choose a standard stock design, or stand out on the shelf with customized packaging including printing decoration, embossing, and endless color options. Maximize your pack counts today.

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