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PHOENIX’s Firebird Design and Innovation Center gives customers an opportunity to explore the closure manufacturing process from ideation to production.

For over 130 years, PHOENIX has been a leader in packaging innovation. With a customer-first approach, PHOENIX outperforms others in our industry by accelerating product development and bringing products to life while maintaining the high quality for which we are known.

We invite our customers to contact us to schedule a tour of the PHOENIX Firebird Design and Innovation Center to see how our capabilities will meet their project needs.

Firebird Design Studio | ideation & collaboration

With a specific project in mind, customers will experience a customized tour. We begin with collaborating on ideas and review market research findings. We continue the experience with an interactive session alongside research and development engineers to conceptualize designs, explore new technologies, while keeping sustainability a priority. Giving our customers a peek inside the minds of our designers and engineers highlights the comprehensive process our team employs to design, test, and create exceptional packaging from art to part.

Metrology Lab | verification & testing

The PHOENIX Metrology Lab equips our Quality Team to measure and evaluate packaging for root cause analysis, troubleshooting, and recommendations for process improvements to ensure customer success. Tour participants see our leading-edge measuring & testing equipment demonstrated through specific tests that the Quality Team deploys to ensure high packaging standards.

In-House Manufacturing | prototyping & validation

The PHOENIX innovation center features in-house design and injection-molding technology allowing for quick response from our quality, tech services, and engineering teams to best support our customers.

Visitors can experience the manufacturing process by viewing their packaging production in real time. By having a full-size injection-molding machine and testing equipment in one location, this unique area helps the team gain efficiencies, providing fast response times to customer requests.

The PHOENIX Firebird Design and Innovation Center is used for focus groups, ideation sessions, and training new employees, as well. Our design and innovation center supports the development of products for our customers and validates the design, form, fit, and function. We are thrilled to share this space with our customers and suppliers.


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