Take Greater Responsibility

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative we send a clear message that PHOENIX understands the complicated relationship the plastic industry has with the world and address it head on. We are working to educate ourselves and our communities on specific initiatives that allow PHOENIX and other manufacturers to create products with the highest standards of sustainability. We strive to accomplish this by these four actions.

Naperville Facility

Continuously improving waste reduction and water conservation

We consistently eliminate close to half of our scrap generation and we keep 90% or more of our production scrap out of landfills through recycling and reuse programs.

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Implementing energy-efficient practices at each of our facilities

PHOENIX is working to partner with energy partners like MidAmerica Energy and Tennessee Valley Authority, that use renewable and carbon-free resources to provide power to our Iowa and Tennessee plants. The energy we do use is consumed responsibly by installing energy efficient lighting, using natural cooling whenever possible, and installing closed loop water cooling systems on our molding machines.

Plastic does not have to be a waste product; it can also be a resource. Recycling efforts create opportunities to turn our corrugated, plastic and other waste into a commodity that can be used to create new products with other manufacturers, sometime even within our own facilities! More than 90% of PHOENIX’s manufacturing waste avoids the landfill through both internal and external recycling efforts.

Committing cross-functional resources to a dedicated Sustainability Team to establish long-term goals

PHOENIX also puts manpower behind our commitment to sustainability. We’ve established a dedicated team from across PHOENIX departments to establish long-term sustainability initiatives that will continue to rise above the industry standard. Our sustainability team meets weekly to discuss new opportunities to make a positive impact on how our products are designed, manufactured and eventually disposed of to impact our climate in the most positive way possible.

Supporting organizations that are engaged in global sustainability initiatives

PHOENIX is going through a rigorous vetting process to align our company with a global sustainability initiative to set ambitious energy, water, waste and carbon reduction goals over the next 10 years. Read more about our commitment to sustainability.


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