Here are some consumer healthcare FAQ and common sense answers from PHOENIX.

Q. Does PHOENIX have child-resistant closures?

A. We have two excellent product lines of CRCs. Please check out our full line of Vista closures and our Horizon closures.  Both provide a unique look for your packaging.

Q. Are your closures recyclable?

A. PHOENIX has many recyclable options across our product lines.  You can connect with our experienced sales team  for assistance with achieving your sustainability goals.

Q. Do you have closures for vitamins and supplements?

A. Absolutely. PHOENIX offers several options:
Vista CRC line
Horizon CRC line 
Smooth top and sides and standard CT lines (in both stipple and smooth top & ribbed sides)  We have ribbed options as well as glossy and our exclusive Smatte™ finish. Contact your salesperson to begin selecting the options that work best for your brand.

Q. Can you create a custom design for my package?

A. PHOENIX has a designated team of designers and engineers to help bring your dream design to life!  Drop us a note  and we can build your brand together.

Q. Can you recommend liner systems that will work with my products?

A. We can help you select the perfect solution that will ensure that your consumers have successful interactions with your products. Get started by contacting your sales person to get you just what you need.

Q. Do you have closures for nutritional powders?

A. PHOENIX has several different options that will fit your needs for protein powders, collagen, pre-workout and more. Check out the full line here.

Q. What are your current lead times?

A. Our lead times vary across our different product lines for make-to-order items, but PHOENIX also has more than two hundred million stock closures in over 700 varieties. They can ship from our warehouses to anywhere in the country within 48 hours. Connect with us here and we will get you what you need!

By the Numbers


Many PHOENIX products can ship anywhere within
the United States within 48 hours