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Everyone is talking about the cannabis market and its potential. But who is truly making sense? When it comes to growing your business in this evolving industry, listen to experience.

Phoenix has products designed for your customers’ unique demands, innovative ideas and customization that will help you stand out, and years of packaging expertise to help keep you in compliance. It’s only natural to have cannabis packaging questions. That’s why Phoenix is ready with answers.

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Five reasons to think Phoenix first

1. Made for your market
From complete packages to unique closures, we offer solutions for your entire product line. Here are some of your options:

HORIZON Total Cannabis Packaging Solution

VISTA child-resistant closures

NON-CRC closures

CUSTOM closures

2. Dynamic design
Cannabis customers are looking for an experience and Phoenix creates it.

  • Packaging with shelf appeal that helps your brand stand out
  • Clean and modern styles for the cannabis customer
  • Phoenix can custom design the right options for your products

3. Proven protection
Phoenix protects your brand, your products and your customers.

  • CRC compliant packaging
  • A wide variety of sizes and styles
  • A market leader in child-resistant closures

4. Smart sustainability

In this market, sustainability is a key differentiator.

  • Designed up-front to minimize plastic weight without compromising performance
  • Phoenix offers 100% recyclable options
  • Better for your customers, your brand and our environment

5. Industry leader

The cannabis market is changing quickly. But Phoenix has over a century of experience serving the needs of expanding markets:

  • World leader in packaging innovation
  • Helping drive our clients success with packaging and closures since 1890
  • More than 200 million closures in inventory

Cannabis culture

Women are the emerging force that is reshaping the cannabis market. The number of female cannabis consumers has grown by 92%.

Source: Green Entrepreneur

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