Agricultural chemical packaging from PHOENIX is durable and user friendly.
We offer buttress-style and child-resistant closures options.

PHOENIX supplies Ag Chemical Packaging Plastic Closures including 63-S01 Buttress-Style Caps, continuous thread, dispensing, and child-resistant closures

63-S01 Buttress-Style Closures

PHOENIX Buttress Style Closures are ideal for ag chemicals packaging, industrial packaging, bulk oil packaging, and more

These user-friendly caps are rugged, high impact closures with defined ribs to meet the needs of the
Ag-Chem industry

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PHOENIX Vista CRC Child-Resistant Closures - Stylish + Sustainable + Secure


Child-Resistant Closures

For your customers:

  • Exclusive Smatte™ finish”
  • Secure push-and-turn is easy for adults
  • Stylish, sustainable and secure

For your business:

  • Choose blank, text, pictogram, or your branding
  • Convertible closures option to allow flexibility
  • Customization options available
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PHOENIX continually works to make strides in sustainability and corporate social responsibility

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PHOENIX has over 700 varieties of closures