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At PHOENIX Packaging, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. We are an organization built on innovation – we’ve secured more than fifty patents since the company’s founding in 1890 – and we’re excited to continue building into the future. We create everything from simple closures to patented packages servicing the needs of any customer, no matter the size. Take a look at our case studies to see our range of work.

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Phoenix Packaging

Our Products

We make packaging and closures. We can design, engineer, and produce lids and caps that dispense, are tamper evident, and provide certified child resistance (CRC), among other choices. Two hundred million stock closures in over 700 varieties await shipping from our warehouses to anywhere in the country. You can customize PHOENIX packaging and closures to be nearly any size, shape, color, opacity, and security level.

Once we’ve determined if any regulations apply to your product or packaging, the sky’s the limit for making your brand’s packaging exceptional.

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Our Facilities

The cornerstone of PHOENIX is dedication to continuous improvement, comprehensive service, and technical excellence. Our commitment to manufacturing safety is recognized in our facilities, with numerous safety awards from our insurer. All PHOENIX facilities are SQF certified. To better serve our customers we strive to continually reinvest in our technology and recently added another 70,000+ square feet of warehouse space.

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Phoenix Packaging Facilities

Our People

Phoenix Packaging People

PHOENIX Packaging has the people, power, and agility to deliver projects of all sizes—on time and on budget. Our technical expertise is wide and deep, and we are constantly integrating new, more efficient methodologies. We welcome you to visit any of our facilities and meet some of the best employees in the industry.

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Phoenix Packaging

Our Mission

We’re redefining packaging collaboration from concept to production. 21st-century design thinking has moved us beyond our foundation in closures. We are rising as thought leaders in intelligent packaging that serves customers. As always, your success drives our own.

As a world-class, privately held company, we are dedicated to our customers. We fulfill our mission when we evoke genuine delight, with packaging that works, every time.

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Our Commitment

At the heart of PHOENIX Packaging is our commitment to our customers. Throughout your project, the PHOENIX service goal is to exceed your expectations. From the start, we take the time to listen to your needs and carefully craft a service plan to bring your product from design through the manufacturing process in a timely manner.

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