To Whom Much is Given

At the heart of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an understanding that we have an unspoken responsibility that goes beyond the people and products that operate under our roof. Companies like PHOENIX understand how we impact the communities and the world beyond us. A thoughtful and well-planned philanthropy program creates a structure for opportunity, empowerment, and prosperity to leave a legacy that goes well beyond 130 years.

Promoting charitable giving, donations, and company matches

No one knows our communities better than our employees. They work, live, and raise their families in Naperville, Davenport, Newport, Greencastle, Bloomington, and the surrounding areas. What is important to our PHOENIX Phamily is at the heart of our service. We give annually through direct donations and participation in non profit organization events that directly impacts our communities.

Our employees take the lead on creating charity drives that donate to organizations that help the vulnerable and less fortunate in our communities.

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PHOENIX Community Giving

The need for non-profit organizations in our community has been acutely felt after 2020. The pandemic upending the normal course of our lives, issues of social justice, and economic concerns have…


Offering paid time and team opportunities to volunteer

We also support our employees by allowing them to support the charities that are important to them by providing 8 hours of paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) in addition to their regular paid time off to free them up to work with the organizations that speak to their passion and need their talents.

Participating in local and national mentorship and outreach initiatives

PHOENIX is proud to be an American manufacturer. We believe the best way to encourage the next generation to be the makers of the future is through mentorship and outreach.

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Supporting community leadership positions on not-for-profit chambers and boards

Many of our employees volunteer their time month after month as leaders for non-profit organizations such as:


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