Not Just Employees

CSR allows a broader focus on all people that interact with our brand including our customers, vendors, and the extended PHOENIX Phamily. Establishing a dedicated CSR initiative allows for a more productive synergy between Human Resources, Marketing, and other departments. Our company culture accurately reflects the outstanding values PHOENIX projects well beyond how we are manufacturing closures. PHOENIX can only be impactful if we have employees that feel empowered to be their best selves every day both at home and at work.

Maintaining a workplace founded on courtesy, dignity and respect

A full-time employee spends almost 50% of their waking hours at work. Creating an environment where employees feel like they can be their genuine, whole self is imperative to PHOENIX. Each employee has a unique set of skills that makes them a valuable asset not just to our company, but to each other as co-workers. It is not uncommon to hear the word phamily (with a ph!) when our employees speak about one another.

Sponsoring continuing education, scholarships, training, and professional development

Each year, PHOENIX offers two scholarships to the children of PHOENIX employees to help them pursue their degrees…


Celebrating life events to nurture personal connections and promote camaraderie

PHOENIX is a great place to work! With benefits like Volunteer Time Off (VTO), celebrations of life events and milestones and even just holiday silliness, we like to think that time spent at work is time spent with friends.

Prioritizing employee health, wellness, equity, and inclusion

Our PHOENIX Phamily members are always working to increase their knowledge, do interesting things, start amazing hobbies and come from diverse backgrounds.

Throughout the year, check back often to see our Employee Spotlight. Get to know some of the people that help ignite the PHOENIX flame. Rise with us.

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By the Numbers


PHOENIX has over 500 dedicated employees that understand the importance of serving our customers