Snacks are trending and in high demand globally. PHOENIX provides snack closures to help you stay on pace with today’s busy consumers. From pretzels to trail mix, PHOENIX has many options to fit your products and your brand.

For your customers:

  • Secure seal preserves snack freshness
  • Packaging that’s easy to open and close

For your business:

  • Preserves freshness to extend shelf life
  • Complete range of sizes for all of your product lines
PHOENIX closures are found on a wide variety of nuts, trail mix, peanut butter, nut butters, and more food packaging

Closures for Snacks

PHOENIX has the sizes, styles, and colors that fit your products and your brand.

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PHOENIX EcoStack Closures

Smarter Packaging

Keeping the environment top of mind, EcoStack™ provides more closures per box, less plastic, and is more economical

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By the Numbers


PHOENIX has over 200 million stock closures to meet any demand