Richard Plastics

Phoenix Case Study: Richard Plastics

Ed Buck, Former Vice President (retired)
Manufacturing Department

Phoenix is always the best choice for creating quality closures that must perform the first time and every time. We solve problems with solutions that grow your bottom line.

Recently, Richard Plastics, a custom injection molding company, presented us with some exceptional challenges to a top-selling product.

Richard Plastics developed a closure for the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator package with side holes allowing mosquitos to enter the package. Their custom closure worked when in use, but it didn’t fit the shipping and capping needs. It required refinements to keep the product in during shipping, and standardized threads to improve the line efficiency during capping.

To solve the filling and shipping requirements, we analyzed the package and determined that, for transit and filing, an industry standard 48-400 closure with a SureSeal® liner would be the best solution to keep costs down and supply high.

To fix the thread design issue, Richard Plastics asked Phoenix to improve the custom closure that is required when the product is ready to use. We had our toolmaker add 400 finish threads to their four-cavity, side action, production mold. The new threading provided the proper engagement between the bottle and cap to achieve the necessary torque to securely seal the package.

Soon, Richard Plastics had another “problem”. They didn’t have the available production mold capacity to meet the demand because their four-cavity custom closure mold couldn’t keep pace. So, they came back to Phoenix to expand their closure capacity to keep up with their expanding mosquito eradicator sales.

Leveraging our technical expertise and 24/7/365 manufacturing and logistics schedules, and having Phoenix supply both their closure needs, Richards Plastics grew their bottom line in two ways:

  • They could finally keep up with business demand.
  • They improved part design, resulting in less material used and significant cost savings.

This was a demanding and complex job which required adherence to critical size specifications to maintain Spartan’s patents and product performance. Through authentic collaboration and active listening, a solution was delivered on-time and on budget.

Since we thrive on staying ahead of customer needs, the Phoenix design group already developed their next generation cap. We proposed new ways to improve the cap and remove additional material resulting in further cost savings.

Phoenix is where problems get solved. We are often presented with unique challenges
and our subject matter experts help maximize the benefits of evolving solutions. It’s our
ability to merge our technical and manufacturing expertise with our wide array of
closures and capabilities. We can mold, line, assemble and print a diverse portfolio of
closures for the food, beverage, nutritional, agricultural, chemical and household
markets, among others. Phoenix will work with you to develop the right solution for your
packaging needs.