Phoenix Packaging Facilities

Phoenix Packaging Facilities

PHOENIX rises above the rest through commitment to craft. For six generations, we have invented, re-invented, and patented seals and packages that have become industry standards. We invest heavily in our infrastructure of high quality systems for packaging design and innovation.

Our depth of expertise allows our agility, pivoting with each new product demand to ensure excellence at the end of the line. Our company strength provides the means to make decisions quickly to meet your needs, from new molds and machines to new lines and facilities. We’ve eliminated the bureaucracy that costs you time and money.

Several types of modeling are available, including 3-D printed models for early evaluation, and injection modeling.

Since 2000, we have opened four new production plants. All facilities are SQF-certified to ensure food-grade production standards.

We consistently eliminate close to half of our scrap generation and we keep 90% or more of our production scrap out of landfills through recycling and reuse programs.

We partner with vendors who share our company’s values and adhere to good manufacturing and sustainable practices.

Vendor initiatives include:

  • Sourcing corrugated materials from partners that prescribe to sustainable forestry initiatives.
  • Working with vendors who are Operation Clean Sweep Certified.
  • Partnering with companies that also have stated values and processes for reducing material waste, increasing efficiency in water usage, and moving toward lower emissions.

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High Quality and Food-Safe Products

Phoenix Packaging Facilities

PHOENIX is certified as a Safe Quality Food (SQF) manufacturer of food packaging. We have earned and maintained “Excellent”-level ratings in all plants for several consecutive years. All PHOENIX manufacturing facilities and employees comply with Good Manufacturing Practices. PHOENIX has the capability to produce caps and closures that meet custom requirements across a wide variety of US Markets, including food-contact and Interstate Milk Shippers applications.

Phoenix Closures Corporate Office - Aurora IL

Aurora, IL: Corporate Office

Aurora, Illinois:  41,375 sq ft, Established 2022

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Naperville, IL: Manufacturing

Naperville, Illinois:  104,000 sq ft, Established 1965

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Phoenix Naperville, IL Facility

Phoenix Davenport, IA Facility

Davenport, IA: Manufacturing

Davenport, Iowa:  208,000 sq ft, Established 2000

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Newport, TN: Manufacturing

Newport, Tennessee: 278,000 sq ft, Established 2004

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Phoenix Newport, TN Facility

Phoenix Greencastle, IN Facility

Greencastle, IN: Manufacturing

Greencastle, Indiana:  284,000 sq ft, Established 2012

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Bloomington, IN: Manufacturing

Bloomington, Indiana:  450,000 sq ft, Established 2021

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Phoenix Ontario, CA Facility

Ontario, CA: Warehousing

Ontario, California: 30,000 sq ft, West Coast warehouse facility

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