Everyone Gets What They Want


Wants fast line speeds

gets closures designed for proven high-speed filling


Wants fewer suppliers

gets multiple sizes and designs all from one source


Wants brand consistency

gets packaging that fits the brand and enhances shelf appeal


Wants compliant processes

gets products all manufactured in SQF certified facilities


Wants a differentiator

gets innovative packaging with options designed to be recycled


Want to fuel their passion

get products they need in packaging that performs

Food Packaging Experts

PHOENIX specializes in food packaging for dressings, mayonnaise, condiments, and sauces

From the store shelf to the customer’s table, your packaging represents your brand. PHOENIX gets that. Our closures protect your products, perform for your customers, and enhance your brand image.

Contact the food packaging experts at PHOENIX and let’s get started.

Secure Sealing

PHOENIX offers closures for food, vegetable oils, including MESA dispensing closures for food packaging

Your packaging needs to open easily and close securely with no compromises. PHOENIX closures are designed for secure sealing that protects your product’s freshness and taste—and enhances shelf life.

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Clean Dispensing

MESA Dispensing Closures Tear Drop

Every PHOENIX food packaging closure is designed to dispense cleanly time after time. We have the exact design and orifice size you need for all of your product lines.

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Multiple Options

PHOENIX EcoStack Closures can be found on pretzels, snacks, and other food packaging

PHOENIX can design closures to match your brand. In fact, we have designers and engineers on staff who can complete any custom projects.

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By the Numbers


PHOENIX has over 560,000 square feet of warehousing to offer you better inventory control