Child Resistant Caps

Child Resistant Caps

CRC, Child Resistant Caps - Phoenix Packaging

In 2017, Phoenix proudly patented a unique child-resistant closure (CRC). Certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the closure ensures safety and reliability for consumers. By using a palm-pressing motion, the closure is an innovation in the CRC industry, a creative solution for new market segments.

CRC - Phoenix Packaging

Compliant Solutions

This latest Phoenix patent for the CRC closure and packaging signals our expansion into packaging solutions designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cannabis markets. Phoenix focuses on ease of use and security. Our certified CRC packages combine compliance with the widest customization options on the market.

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Phoenix’s latest  line of CRC containers is engineered to offer significant customization options alongside full regulatory compliance. From size and shape to color and labeling, you can customize every aspect of the design. We can match any color or create a custom color for your brand. Our customizable CRC line ensures your packaging is able to accurately represent your brand.

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