Here are some HP Scoops FAQ and answers from PHOENIX.

Q. Does HP Scoops offer consistent quality?

A. Yes. HP Scoops’ innovative manufacturing process ensures uniform scoop ovality and straight handles, as well as the elimination of excess flash and sharp edges. Our consistent quality makes HP Scoops a preferred supplier to the consumer healthcare industry, among others.

Q. Are your scoops recyclable?

A. HP Scoops are made of polypropylene and are designed to be recycled. Please connect with our experienced sales team for assistance with achieving your sustainability goals.

Q. What size scoops do you offer?

A. Take a look at our standard scoop sizes. Don’t see the size you need? Contact PHOENIX today.

Q. Can you create a custom design for my package?

A. PHOENIX has a designated team of designers and engineers to help bring your dream design to life! Customize with colors, logo, and design. Drop us a note and we can build your brand together.

Q. Where are HP Scoops manufactured?

A. HP Scoops is a partnership between PHOENIX and HQC, Inc. Our complete range of plastic scoops are designed and manufactured in the Midwest, USA. HP Scoops are manufactured in a facility that is ISO 13485 certified for medical device manufacturing, SQF-certified for food safety, and IMS (Interstate Milk Shippers) certified for dairy products.

Q. Do you have closures for my packaging?

A. Yes. Reduce your number of vendors and work directly with PHOENIX. We offer one point of contact for both your HP Scoops and closures. PHOENIX offers a wide variety of closure options including wide-diameter, perfect for use with scoops. Check out the full product line here.

Q. What are your current lead times?

A. Standard scoops offer short lead times. Scoops can ship from our warehouses to anywhere in the country or internationally. Contact us for current lead times.


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